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Why Did You Join WebRing? - Whether you've been here since 1996 or you just created an account, you had some reason for joining WebRing. Tell us wha

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Why Did You Join WebRing?

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Whether you've been here since 1996 or you just created an account, you had some reason for joining WebRing. Tell us what motivated you to join and what keeps you coming back. If your entry is selected for use on our testimonials page, you will receive one year of premium membership for FREE!

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What drew me to WebRing was.
The huge amount of member rings and that I wanted to draw readers to my site and I didn't know much about promoting my website to anyone, so when I heard about WebRing, I was intrigued and got an account in 1998 and started to submit my site to all the ring promotion sites out there along with my other websites that I owned were also promoted here on WebRings and I created other Rings here to promote websites at and various others. I'm still here even though the site has changed hands once and then returned to the original owners, as people fled not wanting to remain I still remaine
I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you
I first joined WebRing in 1996 when there was only one WebRing - because I selfishly saw that this thing was a simple yet fantastic tool to get people to see my website. But then I realised that I can follow Rings and be taken to a whole world of interesting, stunning, clever, weird and often very cool websites, which otherwise would have been lost in the crowd. Billions of websites to see, and I have found the best ones right here Neil - noooool
WebRing promotes sharing.
When I joined WebRing, I had recently lost my younger brother to a tragic accident. I wanted to share my grief with others who lost their brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. I knew WebRing possibly had rings for grief support and I searched for it here and found several Rings to join. Through WebRing's help, my support system grew with each Ring I joined. I was no longer alone in my grief. There were others who felt the same way I did. Every day, when I checked my guestbook, there is usually an entry from someone who came from WebRing to show their support or give their sorrows over
Something New to try!
I had originally joined back in '96 when I had a site called "Info Atlanta."  I was trying to find a way to make the site more interesting and a good way to link to other related sites.  You know, back then everyone had the same ol' links page!  A webring seemed like a good fit. It was only after I joined that I discovered the index and ranking system for rings.  I was impressed by how much control I had over the design of the navigation code (they weren't called navbars back then).  The server that hosted "Info Atlanta" shut down and I decided not to pu
WebRing is great for fast search engine access.
Instead of having to wait weeks, if not months, for your new website to be picked up by the major search engines join WebRing. In a very short time your site can be available online. The first thing I do when I start a new site is to add it to WebRing. I recomend it to everyone. Member: eddym4814

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Why Did You Join WebRing?

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