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Select - SELECT: Select is one of the oldest and largest webrings on the system. It has a long and proud history. Ori

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Manager: jliilj
SELECT: Select is one of the oldest and largest webrings on the system. It has a long and proud history. Originally for webrings with a heartland theme, it is now a webring open to virtually any site the webring owner likes. However, by the same token, the owner reserves the right to deny any site he doesn't like.

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Ayeen's Simple World
This site that symbolizes the Filipina with a big dream. Dreams that serves as inspiration to strive for the best. Anything is on reach if we give our best on everything we do. Education is one important thing to achieve our goal but still GOD is the one to TRUST for HE is the GREAT PROVIDER !!! This site contains collection of midi's, lyrics, text messages, freebies and tutori
What's going on at our house
Come see what's going on in our Christian home. There's always something going on with 10 homeschooled kids!
Graphics by Lisa
This site is designed to put everyone in the Christmas spirit! You will find free Christmas backgrounds and graphics, 21 ideas for creating family traditions, Christmas legends, craft ideas, recipes, and much more!
The Last Refuge
This site celebrates the joy and lives of my recued horses with music, stories, pictures, laughter and tears. Come dance in the sunlight with us.
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Home Page for this Webring

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· Community Created 12/31/1996
· 325 active site(s)
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OPEN WEBRING _____________________ No "commercial" sites. _____________________ When you apply, please write a complete description of your site. _____________________ No hate, animal cruelty or adult sites. _____________________ Put code on registered page (no "Pass_L" ). _____________________ JLIV054 WRTO WRGN OPEN _____________________

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