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Open Source - This webring is for all open source operating systems and other scripting projects around the web. Please do join our we

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Open Source

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Manager: sumguynamedj
This webring is for all open source operating systems and other scripting projects around the web. Please do join our webring.

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The Lili Lisp dialect interpreter
Lili is a Java based interpreter for an own new Lisp dialect. Lili is dynamically scoped but allows for lexical closures, features pattern matching, implicit currying, concurrent evaluation and some other features common to modern functional languages, like ML. In addition, the interpreter incorporates a Lili-Java communication meta-level. Please have a look at it...
Scott Billingsley's Homepage
A site of things that interrest me. Including FreeBSD,Linux,Amateur radio and an operating system I'm working on...Amateur OS...An os for DSP..
Tennessee Open Source Education Foundation
To promote and sustain the use of Open Source Software through advocacy, outreach, support, and the accumulation, restoration and contribution of donated computer hardware from the general public.
WDP Linux Store
We sell any distribution of linux on DVD format for $4.99. We offer many distributions directly on the site, as well as an option for a custom distro of anything you want that is NOT listed on the site. We have distributions for PC, x86 and x64, PowerPC Macs, Playstation 3s, Xbox 360s, pretty much anything. We offer free e-mail technical support for anything Linux related as well...from installation to package management.

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Open Source

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Open Source
Open Source
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