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All American Muscle Cars

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Resto & RodsUSA by jacarco (08/12/2012 07:56:45)

After many years of searching the internet for automotive information and becoming frustrated time after time, I thought to myself that a niche search engine would be nice to eliminate all the garbage that I really didn't need to know about or even care about would be nice.

It would have to cater to both the restoration and hotrodding communities and be complete on just about any topic the inquiry might be on, getting the needed information to the consumer quickly and easily.  About six months ago, I embarked on this endevour and thus far am satisfied that I have created the ultimate automotive search engine, keeping in mind of course that completeness is a never ending task. 

I have now placed enough valuable information on the site that I am ready to get it out to the public so that it may be of use.  Here's the front page dialogue for your consideration~ Enjoy! 

Never before has there been ONE website that offers so much!  A comphrehensive listing of all things automotive.. coast to coast. New replacement part suppliers, services for the automotive market in general and valuable data lists for the individual enthusiest. Be it a museum that you may have interest in, a national or local car club..even Yahoo Groups, This is the website that is designed to easily and quickly assist you!

So if you're in to locating parts needed for a restoration already in progress, repairing or upgrading the daily driver, seeking finance, transportation, insurance information, production figures, vin verification or the location and contact information for a multitude of trusted suppliers and, or services, this is where you need to be !

Resto & Rods USA~ Helping to build better cars~ One at a time!

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