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Do you need help with something related to your WebRing account? You can explore the many help pages listed below or ask a question in the forum.


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   Why do I get Unauthorized Access & Ring Does Not Exist? Preview Go
Sometimes while trying to access your site's management screen via your Site Title, you may get one of two error messages - "Unauthorized Access" and "Ring Does Not Exist." For details regarding both error messages, see this page.
   Where on my site should I place my NavBar? Preview Go
The most effective placement of your NavBar is as close to relevant content as possible. Of course, you will want to examine the sites within the ring as a way to assess the Ring Manager's guidelines. Many Ring Managers provide guidelines on the Join page, so please read those carefully. For more details, see this page.
   Where do I get the navigation code for my site? Preview Go
The easiest way to get the code that will create your site's NavBar, is to go the URLs screen of your My Account page. Once there, click the "Get SSNB Code" link associated with a specific URL, and a page will open with the code you need to install on your site. For more details on where else you can get the code and which version to use, see this page.
   Why don't the navigation links work on my NavBar? Preview Go
There are a few reasons why the Prev and Next links won't work on NavBars. If you are taken to the ring's hub page instead of the next or previous site in the ring, chances are that your site is pending, suspended or expired from the ring. For more reasons and details, see this page.
   What can I do if I forget my ID or password? Preview Go
On the Sign In page, there are two different links you can use. One will help you figure out your ID, and the other can be used to email you your password. For more details, see this page.
   What is a One-Way Site? Preview Go
This page contains details about what constitutes as a one-way site, how to fix the problem, and why one-way sites are no good for a ring.
   What is a Hub page and how do I navigate it? Preview Go
The Hub page is the primary section of a ring. Among other things, it lists all the sites that have active memberships in the ring. For more details, see this page.
   How do I contact a Ring Manager? Preview Go
To contact a Ring Manager, hover over the RM's name as noted in the ring's title bar. A mini-menu should open with the option to "Email [RM]". For more details, see this page.
   Why does my URL's NavBar FAIL to pass the checker? Preview Go
There are a few reasons why your URL will not pass the checker or Navigation Wizard. For details, see this page.

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