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PICmicro Sites - An extensive resource base of PICmicro ewnthusiasts. Members sites are all about the Microchip PIC microcontroller and r

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PICmicro Sites

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An extensive resource base of PICmicro ewnthusiasts. Members sites are all about the Microchip PIC microcontroller and related projects such as Application Notes and Date Sheets, information on programming and customizing PICmicro Microcontrollers and much much more.



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   FREE C Code examples & interfacing cct for PIC & AVR Preview Go
Sample C Code examples with interfacing circuits for 8-bit Micros = PIC/AVR/8051 and software & hardware tools
   Hollies PIC Projects Preview Go
Microchip PIC microcontroller projects. Describes an in-circuit serial programmer for PIC16F87X, an RDS decoder, interfacing to Maxim-Dallas One-Wire (TM) devices, ... Source code available for download.
   Modeltronics Preview Go
Site devoted to PIC and model aeroplane electronics

   Taylec's embedded boards for Pic, AVR, MSP and TINI Preview Go
Taylec produce a large number of programmers, in-circuit debuggers, proto boards and demo boards for the PIC, AVR, MSP and TINI micro controllers.
   Hut Electronics - MIDI Products for Accoustical Instr. Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Hut Music & Electronics - Bringing the world of MIDI to traditional accoustical music.
   BSSClub - PIC Interpreters Club Preview Go
BSS Club is dedicated to the people that are interested in building, testing, and using various higher language (BASIC, Pascal, c,..) interpreters.
   Pyastra: python assembler translator Preview Go
Project's main goals are: to bring a python translator to the world of microcontrollers, to support a wide range of microcontrollers and processors, to generate compact and effective code, to be developer- and user-friendly.
   Easy & free bootloader for pic18f chips based on appnot Preview Go
Here you find an easy and free bootloader for pic18f chips. Based on the appnote AN851 but the loader is started with a pushbutton instead of the difficult way with the last eeprom data. The user software is included
   Microcontroladores Pic y otros Preview Go
To explain how mC's Pic works To give some examples
   Microchip Technology Adapters, Microchip PIC, Microchip Preview Go
Adapters for Microchip Technology devices. Programming adapters, prototyping adapters, emulator adapters and SMT to thru-hole adapters for PIC Micro and memory devices.

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