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PICmicro Sites - An extensive resource base of PICmicro ewnthusiasts. Members sites are all about the Microchip PIC microcontroller and r

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PICmicro Sites

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An extensive resource base of PICmicro ewnthusiasts. Members sites are all about the Microchip PIC microcontroller and related projects such as Application Notes and Date Sheets, information on programming and customizing PICmicro Microcontrollers and much much more.



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   PIC emulation software and disassembler Preview Go
I didn't like the MPLAB simulator, so I wrote my own. It's DOS based, but quite fast (~3.5 MIPS emulating a 16F877 on a PIII-600), and more complete than MPLAB (serial, EEPROM, self-FLASH, etc). It's open-source, with 12C509A, 16F84A, 16F628, and 16F877 versions available. Others can be written easily. In addition, I've written an intelligent
   PicProgrammers hardware and packet radio Preview Go
PCB-design and shematic for ProPic4.2 and ProPic2
   Pic'xe the assembler based Task Scheduler for PIC's Preview Go
Pic'xe is a co-operative task scheduler written using gpasm/mpasm macros. It can be used on any Pic processor, although TMR0 and interuppt support is required for delays.

   PIC home projects of Jos van Eijndhoven Preview 1 review(s) — Go
PIC micros have appeared in several of my home DIY projects. The webpage shows a) an audio switched-attenuator volume with IR remote control, b) a temperature controlled fan speed controller, and c) a high-quality clock-recovery PLL for an audio DAC. Fotos, schematics, and source-code are included.
   Official home page for the MIT PICList Preview Go
FAQ and home page for the 1900 member MIT hosted PICList mailing list! Huge PIC FAQ, Code Library, Tutorials, sample projects, PICList archive and much more.
   Softelec - Free electronic & software design Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Everything about PIC18 (Hardware programer, RTOS, ...)
   Dual Production PIC Programmer Preview Go
PP06 is an open-source Production programmer for Microchip's PIC micros. Specifically designed for use in factory in-circuit programming, and development of master/slave systems it supports many pics (78) ,and is easily extended to different hardware (5 types). A built up programmer board is available for users who need its features, especially manufacturers doing p
   MCUspace-Connecting PIC People with PIC Resources Preview Go
A collection of resources pertaining to the Microchip PIC MCU family of microcontrollers. There are sources for development tools, surveys, up-to-date news stories and much more.
   Microcontrollers and Communications Preview Go
PIC and DSP Links and information.
   Bert's PICmicro and Hardware Development Resources Preview Go
This is a set of up-to-date links to some of the best PICmicro and hardware development related resources I've found.

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