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Do you need help with something related to managing a WebRing account? You can explore the many help pages listed below or ask a question in the forum.



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   Why isn't my NavBar's image showing? Preview Go
There are several reasons the image on your NavBar isn't displaying. If there's no glaringly large empty space where an image should be, chances are you didn't successfully add an image. If you notice that the image is "broken," then there may be an issue with the link that should call up the image. For more details, see this page.
   How do I feature sites on my ring? Preview Go
As Ring Manager, you can choose to allow up to three of your members to feature their sites on your hub page. You can even make some money by doing so. For details, see this page.
   Where can I find the ring I manage? Preview Go
The first place to look for your ring(s) is on the Rings You Manage screen of your My Account page. If your ring isn't listed on that page, see this page for other possible places where you can find your ring.
   How do I change my ring's color scheme? Preview Go
Simply click the "Color Scheme" link found in your ring management menu and select from over a dozen preset color schemes for your ring. For more details, see this page.
   Why couldn't I adopt a ring? Preview Go
This page details a couple reasons why you were unable to adopt a ring.
   How do I transfer my ring to a different user ID? Preview Go
Click the "Transfer Management" link found in your ring management menu to start the process of transferring your ring to a different WebRing ID. For more details, see this page.
   How do I customize the look of my NavBar? Preview Go
Customizing the HTML of your NavBar the look of your NavBar is a great way to make your NavBar stand out among the rest. Although customizing the NavBar is a relatively simple process, it's easy to mess things up. For details on how to avoid any mistakes, see this page.
   What can I do from the Global Settings screen? Preview Go
The Global Settings screen of your ring is the place to add your ring description, set privacy levels, give your your ring a movie-like rating, activate your forum and much more. For more details, see this page.
   What can I do from the Process New Members screen? Preview Go
The main purpose of the Process New Members screen is to let you know if you've had a new member apply to join your ring. From this page, you can review the site and test the site's NavBar status. Once reviewed, you can choose to approve, deny, or put the site on hold. For more details, see this page.

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