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Official site of Pete Mitchell alias Stratmaster, UK Bluzy Rock guitarist,singer-songw riter and official site for International BLUZY ROCK Trio Pete Mitchells DRIVE who are currently touring UK/Holland/Belgium. Appeared at Burnley Blues Festival 2009 and AMERICANA Festival 2009. Pete Mitchell's CD 'CUTTING THE MUSTARD' has reached over 1 million downloads in Nashville USA. Available will be performing at the world famous 'BLUEBIRD CAFE' in Nashville USA on 13th February 2012 and also at 'DOUGLAS CORNER' in Nashville USA on 14th February 2012 and 'COMMODORE GRILL' & 'RI'CHARD'S LOUISIANA CAFE' in Nashville USA on 15th February 2012 Keep on rocking the blues............
STRATMASTER - Pete Mitchells DRIVE owned by: stratmaster
A member of The Official Blues Ring since 11/19/2010.