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Anti-Microsoft Webring - The Anti Microsoft Webring is a list of sites and resources that want or list alternatives to Microsoft Windows.Operatin

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Anti-Microsoft Webring

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Manager: thewhizkidz
The Anti Microsoft Webring is a list of sites and resources that want or list alternatives to Microsoft Windows.

Operating Systems such as Linux, Unix, Lindows, Be, and more. We now have over 45 sites listed and over 126,000 total page views! Be Seen! Get Clicks! Join Our Webring Today! Mess with the best... Die like the rest!

Check out our poll in our forums section "What Operating System do you use or prefer?"

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   The Wisdom of Mahasamatman Preview Go
While not actively anti-MS, this site is Proud to Be 100% MicroSoft Free! This is my life, and welcome to it.
   M$ Internet Explorer TIENE HUEVO! Preview Go
El primer sitio en castellano que les dirá por qué Micro$oft Internet Explorer TIENE HUEVO!
   Tipjar MS-Free Page Preview Go
TipJar transaction service is a way for anyone with an e-mail address to give money to anyone else with an e-mail address, with an absolute minimum of hassle. TipJar is and will remain microsoft-free.

   WDP Linux Store Preview Go
We sell any distribution of linux on DVD format for $4.99. We offer many distributions directly on the site, as well as an option for a custom distro of anything you want that is NOT listed on the site. We have distributions for PC, x86 and x64, PowerPC Macs, Playstation 3s, Xbox 360s, pretty much anything. We offer free e-mail technical support for anything Linux related as well...from installation to package management. Dedicated to helping people end their dependency on Windows and Office by offering lowest possibly cost operating systems and OpenOffice as well as free e-mail support. We accept donations to support the cause.
   Bella Dona's Abode Preview 1 review(s) — Go
A light hearted view of quake world together with information on getting out of the MS trap
   WDP Document Services Preview Go
We are a provider of medical transcription services. We provide users who want to try linux the opportunity to buy an ubuntu live CD for next to nothing.
   Barefoot and Free.... Preview 1 review(s) — Go
News and views of the biggest disaster known to modern civilization - the megalith monopoly Microsoft.
   The Whiz Kidz Webrings Preview Go
View a complete list of webrings operated by TheWhizKidz.com. We offer webrings about gaming and electronics: Anti-Microsoft Webring, Apple-mania, Auction-mania, Free Games, iPod-mania, Nintendo-mania, Playstation-mania, Satellite Search, Sega-mania and XBOX-mania.
   GottaFindLove.com Blog Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Search our blog for free tips and do's & don'ts on dating, creating a profile and much more.
   Best Selling DVDs Preview Go
Check out our top 5 selling DVDs and purchase them at low prices!

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