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You are never too old to start a new sport - 09/05/2013

I was going through old emails earlier today and found one I had failed to answer (it was in the wrong folder). In the email a mother was talking about signing her son up for archery lessons and said "he is kind of too old to start new sports". I read this with quiet bemusement. I didn't laugh out loud or anything. I was just mildly amused and a tad indignant. How is SIXTEEN too old to start a new sport? I mean com'on, many athletes don't start their preferred sport until they are 17, 18, 19 or well into their 20s. And there is nothing stopping adults and even seniors from taking up a sport - including a competitive sport - well into their golden years. An elderly (and even overweight person) can easily learn to do the splits (see photo below) or any number of other activities during their older years. They might get really into bicycles - and even fixing bicycles in their old age. They might take up archery as a recreational sport - or even compete in archery competitions. They might even take up boxing, martial arts or yoga. What it really comes down to is that there is nothing stopping you from starting a new sport - and even competing in a new sport. Age, disability, sex/gender, being overweight - these are just excuses. Willpower and taking the first steps towards a new goal, those are the deciding factors.

You are never too old to start a new sport

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