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Websites about anything (no adult content allowed).

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Nose Exercises - Do you actually need them or are you being overly sensitive of your no - 08/20/2013
Shiksha has been doing the nose exercises for 2 weeks and is already seeing results. But her nose already pretty small and perfect.  So far I have posted twice about nose exercises. This post would be the third. The previous two posts are: 1. Nose Exercises Vs Rhinoplasty 2. Fixing a Crooked Nose using Nose Exercises The first of these two posts are really popular for people to comment on. Likely because many people think their nose isn't perfect. I admit myself, my own isn't perfect. It is too wide and at one point it was even crooked because I had been punched in the nose and it had gone a bit crooked - but I managed to fix that crookedness using nose exercises and my nose looks straight again. (I should post before and after photos sometime.) I have also been doing the nose shortening / squinting exercises and the nose narrower exercise so I can make my nose smaller and thinner - and in my mind, more attractive. I was "blessed" with a big German hawk nose, but thanks to the exercises it is getting smaller and thinner and doesn't look so huge any more. Now the thing is that the people who comment on the Nose Exercises Vs Rhinoplasty post are basically people just like me - for whatever reason they are dissatisfied with their nose. They might even have been tempted to get rhinoplasty to fix their nose. Or worse, someone might have even been rude to blurt out something like "You should get a nose job!" (Like that scene in the Seinfeld episode "The Nose Job".) At which p...

Nose Exercises - Do you actually need them or are you being overly sensitive of your nose?

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