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Websites about anything (no adult content allowed).

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Ancient Techniques of Fast Archery - 08/05/2013

Learning how to shoot fast is a desirable skill for many archers. But is impossible to do using modern archery equipment and techniques. Rather, an archer needs to learn ancient techniques that haven`t been commonly used in centuries so that they can shoot arrows so fast it seems humanly impossible. And do things that most archers would never dream of. Things like: Shooting 3 arrows while falling off a horse or while running backwards. Shooting 3 arrows in less than 1.5 seconds. Shooting 10 arrows in less than 5 seconds. Shooting instinctively without using a fixed anchor point. If you don`t believe it is possible try watching the following video. Proof that traditional/ancient archery techniques result in superior knowledge of how to shoot.

Ancient Techniques of Fast Archery

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