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#1 Free Wallpaper, Backgrounds, Web Graphics

Manager: bluepossum
A forum for anything general audience friendly that might help with graphic creation; backgrounds, wallpaper, gifs, jpegs, lines, buttons, etc.

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If you have ideas and imagery.....
  "If you have ideas and imagery, technique will follow." Unknown

  Picasso was in a park when a woman approached him and asked him to draw a p

One must seek solutions......
  "One must seek solutions that are engaging and demanding visually." Unk
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High-spec Revit workstations for 3DS Max and other 3D Modelling - 01/31/2013

Having been asked this month 3 times for a recommendation for a Revit workstation, I am writing this highly opinionated guide today to help Revit users make wise choices. However, I have been thinking about writing this for years. I have been building CAD workstations since the mid 1990's. Every time I build a new computer, it requires a great deal of research because of the ever-changing technology. This time is no exception. This system will be designed primarily for Revit but will work as well for 3DS Max Design, Autodesk Ultimate Building Suite, The Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection and V-Ray. It will be suitable for BIM and all of its tangents such as rendering, animation, clash detection and estimating. OPERATING SYSTEM Let's start here. If you don't do this right, your results will suck. I propose you need Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. You must have Windows Professional to connect to a domain based network. You neve r know when this is necessary so why fundamentally limit yourself now? You also must have a 64 bit system to address more than 4 Gb of RAM. Revit requires about 8 Gb of RAM for professional level work. However in the near future I can see where Revit models will get larger and require more RAM. Today a 32bit computer is a toy (a bike with training wheels) and bordering on useless. If you choose a 32 bit system for your Revit installation, stop now and get a new career. CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT (CPU) The next piece is the CPU, that tiny chip with billi...

High-spec Revit workstations for 3DS Max and other 3D Modelling

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