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#1 Free Wallpaper, Backgrounds, Web Graphics - Spruce up your desktop or web page with free graphics! 1000's of free backgrounds, icons, wallpaper, animated gifs, line

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#1 Free Wallpaper, Backgrounds, Web Graphics

Manager: bluepossum
A forum for anything general audience friendly that might help with graphic creation; backgrounds, wallpaper, gifs, jpegs, lines, buttons, etc.

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If you have ideas and imagery.....
  "If you have ideas and imagery, technique will follow." Unknown

  Picasso was in a park when a woman approached him and asked him to draw a p

One must seek solutions......
  "One must seek solutions that are engaging and demanding visually." Unk
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3D Modelling Holograms and the Software to Use - 01/28/2013

A talented 3D animator, armed with 3D modelling software such as Autodesk's Maya or 3ds Max has the power to create some truly stunning visual effects. Although these 3D images can look incredible on a TV screen or wall projection, the technology now exists to bring such 3D graphics to the next level - holographic projection. Using the basic principle of Pepper's Ghost technology, 3D images can be projected as holographic visual illusions. Pepper's Ghost technology involves a specifically aligned piece of transparent film or glass. A reflection of a person or item is displayed onto the transparent surface using special lighting effects. The physical person or item is hidden from audience view, only the reflection onto the transparent surface is visible. As part of the reflection is captured by the transparent surface and part of the reflection passes through it, the appearance is of a ghost-like transparent floating object. Using the latest technologies and equipment, including HD projectors, media players, 3D modelling software and specially chemically treated transparent film, it is possible to create 3D holographic images. Unlike the original Pepper's Ghost system, this new-age display creates depth illusion. Depth illusion is created by not only projecting an image onto a transparent film, but also onto a flat surface behind the film. The 3D images can appear to float between the space, creating a stunning visual display. 3D modelling software and hologram projection dis...

3D Modelling Holograms and the Software to Use

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