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A FORUM about the Microchip PIC microcontroller and related projects.

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March of Dimes: Eli's Story - 03/01/2013

Several years ago, I was on the March of Dimes team at my work. I was calling local businesses to raise donations. I called a friend of mine who owned a small business on my list. In talking with him, he shared his concerns with giving to the March of Dimes. His concerns surrounded abortion and the funding of abortion. At the time, I withdrew from the team, much to the dismay of my coworkers. I simply could not take the risk that I was funding abortions a single cent. So, I did research. What I found was that I was quick to pull the trigger on withdrawing. The official stance of March of Dimes is that they do not condone abortion, but they walk the tight rope of not being pro-life OR pro-choice. This does seem a strange stance, but over and over again, the personal stories of people I know or that my family knows have changed my mind. I will be supporting March of Dimes. Here is the most negative thing I've found on the March of Dimes. They have funded research for early identification of birth defects, which my wife and I have consistently denied in our own pregnancies. Early detection has led some people to make the decision to abort their child. I do not understand that. Even with a defect, our child is our own, and I can't imagine choosing anything but saving the life of our child. We've been lucky. All of our children are healthy. But I know many people who had complications, and their child was saved utilizing techniques that were developed using financial support from...

March of Dimes: Eli's Story

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