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Blogs and Blogging - This is a webring by and for bloggers. Sites include actual weblogs/blogs/journals, and also meta-blogging sites offerin

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Manager: alicorna
This is a webring by and for bloggers. Sites include actual weblogs/blogs/journals, and also meta-blogging sites offering information about blogging (how to get started, tips and tricks, and so on).


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This week's stuff - 10/17/2012

It started with an interview for a job I didn't get. I'd spent a week preparing for it, and discovered that much of my preparation was misguided. It wasn't what I knew, but how I presented myself. At least they told me why I missed out: I wasn't confident enough. This I have heard before; it's nothing new to me. What they didn't know, and what I didn't tell them, was that I've actually made significant progress in that department, but obviously not enough... So onwards I go. It's not all bad - as Husband said, it's a win-win: in that one day I learnt more than I would have done in 100 doing my normal work, and I still have loads to be getting on with otherwise (indeed, 'twas Husband who, on hearing I'd been invited for an interview, said, "The question is, do they deserve you ?"). And while I rely on freelance work, at least it affords me the flexibility to pursue other interests. My time will com...

This week's stuff

Replied - 11/21/2012

My period has arrived. It's taken a week to get here and I've had just an evil, evil time. My moods are dark and malevolent (Lady Macbeth has nothing on me), and it makes me feel uncomfortable in my body and spirit, and so, so tired. I've been on a bit of an ascetic drive lately - I haven't bought a new dress in ages (unless you count the one I made, the last one that came into my life was the M&S Hattie Jacques "matron" dress, which I bought in September and which I've worn incessantly) - but to cheer myself up, I've been cooing over the following: The "Mary" stretched flared dress (left) and "Milly" lace dress, both from French Connection. Claudia Winkleman wore the one on the right on the Strictly results show on Sunday night. Claudia always wears fabulous dresses - give me hers over Tess Daly's any day of the week. Anyway, then I saw these. Get a load, or what: Incredible art history ...

This week's stuff

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