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Blogs and Blogging - This is a webring by and for bloggers. Sites include actual weblogs/blogs/journals, and also meta-blogging sites offerin

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Manager: alicorna
This is a webring by and for bloggers. Sites include actual weblogs/blogs/journals, and also meta-blogging sites offering information about blogging (how to get started, tips and tricks, and so on).


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This week's observations - 10/09/2012

I haven't been able to write much this week. There's been stuff going on to distract me and prevent me from getting in the zone. There's going to be no let-up, either, for the time-being... I have also hurt the muscles in my neck and shoulders - perhaps because I slept in a strange position after walking in the rain yesterday - and it's made me a bit ill today. I'm hoping that after a comfortable night's sleep my muscles won't ache so much. I can't get over the shocking allegations against Jimmy Savile. He was a legend, a national institution. I grew up watching him on the telly and he seemed such a benign, avuncular figure, almost asexual... I must be naive as I totally fell for his kindly persona, but now it seems he used his charity work as a cover for his manipulative and predatory behaviour. I also think that one of the reasons he got away with what he did was because most people wouldn't believe that he would do suc...

This week's observations

Replied - 10/27/2012

1. My period is here It's kept me waiting for a week. I was almost crawling up the walls and thought I was going to explode. Along the way there's been extreme tiredness, much wine, cider and chocolate. Yesterday I could have eaten a whole horse and still have room for a small pony, and I've swollen up like Violet Beauregarde after she ate the everlasting gobstopper. But finally... It's like heaving a big sigh. 2. Today's music choice is inspired by Silvio Berlusconi's jail sentence Only yesterday morning I was listening to David McAlmont singing to Michael Nyman's arrangement of Mozart's Catalogue Aria from Don Giovanni . In it the lyrics have been changed from the Mozart to being about Berlusconi's wife. I love this - the music is fab. Nyman's made it quite raw and brisk, whereas on some recordings it can be too smooth and subservient to the voices. That whole album McAlmont and Nyman did together, The Glare ,...

This week's observations

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