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Are you a creative person? Then you are an artist! This ring is for artistic webloggers who want to share their thoughts, feelings, creative works with others. If you're a visual artist, musician, creative writer, or just want to share your artistic aspirations, JOIN THIS RING!

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Food, glorious food..... - 05/19/2013

I asked on Facebook today what on earth (or not) I ought to blog about today, since it is my day to blog. Suggestions were limited but interesting, from the new "Earth-like" planet which is surprisingly close and if only it were on the far side of the sun might be compared to Antichthon to Vulcan-types who only want sex every seventh year ... which might try the patience of a human lover... to sexual frustration in general, particularly for a vampire mated with an exoskeletal type. I think that I will talk about food instead. Please watch this and apply your warped and twisted writerly minds. I wondered if there were a literary genre called gastropunk. As far as I can tell, there isn't, but someone has coined the name so.... I am not sure what a science-fiction/speculative fiction niche would be called that focused on food-related conspiracy theories, or food-related mutations.  Or, indeed, on the rise of a Vegan class of latter day superhumans, at least as smart and sexy as our great, great, utterly great grandparents, who rebelled against the behemoths of modern day food stamp fare; mandatory, state-regulated school food fare; coupon-subsidize fare; work cafeteria fare; Genetically Modified fare.... etc etc and grew their own fresh, organic produce on the large and grassy lots of their local churches, encouraged by a young, unpopular (he has to be unpopular for plot reasons, otherwise his parking lots would be full and there w...

Food, glorious food.....

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