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Are you a creative person? Then you are an artist! This ring is for artistic webloggers who want to share their thoughts, feelings, creative works with others. If you're a visual artist, musician, creative writer, or just want to share your artistic aspirations, JOIN THIS RING!

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Putting Violence In Its Place - 03/19/2013

What is Violence? Really, just exactly what is violence?  Not what does the word mean, but what is the phenomenon of Violence? Most fiction these days has some sex, some violence, and sometimes sexy violence, but for the most part Romance and Violence just don't mix.  Why? What is it about Violence that is antithetical to the mood of Romance? Well, then, what exactly is Romance?  Or put another way, what does violence have in common with romance?  Isn't that a heretical thought? The first thing that comes to mind is of course domestic violence. People who live in the same space (dare I say "together?") develop a close personal relationship where they learn how to "push each others buttons."  It's so easy to take out your anger at a workplace situation on your domestic co-residents. I'm saying "co-residents" because I'm including in domestic violence all the kinds of violence that happen between domestic partners, significant others, part-time cohabitants, AND spouses and their children.  Parents spank children, or yell at them, intimidate etc.  Children "turn on" their parents in their teens and try to break free. All these criss-crossing tension leads to verbal abuse, violence against women, violence against children (for just being childish), even domestic tensions carried into the workplace creating workplace violence.  Now look at the pairs of kinds of people I've mentioned who get into violent exchanges.  It's the same list th...

Putting Violence In Its Place

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